My100 Pro Bono

Commitment to the community is a core principle of LMS. Our attorneys have a long history of significant and far-reaching pro bono achievements and contributions. As part of the My100 initiative, every LMS attorney will devote at least 100 hours to pro bono and non-profit board service matters each year. No exceptions. Information on our current My100 projects, as well as our previous significant pro bono achievements and contributions, appears below.

We invite you to join us with your own Our My100 commitment.

What are your My100 plans for this year?



I will continue my work on the Volunteers of America/UrbanPromise Legal Clinic Advisory Board. We are building and growing a legal clinic for the critically underserved population of southern New Jersey. I also will continue to serve on the ACLU of Pennsylvania Legal Advisory Board.

In pro bono cases, I have had two very significant appeals before the Third Circuit this year, among several other pro bono matters. In one, I led the team that very recently obtained the affirmance of an order from the District of New Jersey granting our client’s writ of habeas corpus and prompting his release after approximately 20 years incarcerated. In the other matter before the Third Circuit, I am co-lead counsel with the ACLU in a First Amendment challenge on behalf of The Center for Investigative Reporting. The appeal followed a bench trial in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

As I’ve always done since 2006, I will continue to represent abused and neglected children in Philadelphia as volunteer counsel with the Support Center for Child Advocates.


I am the Board Chair and a passionate advocate of Project 440, Inc. (, a Philadelphia-based non-profit organization that uses the inherent power of music to provide youth development, college and career readiness, and entrepreneurial programs to students in the Philadelphia School District and surrounding areas. Music has always played an important role in my life – I regularly perform in musical theater, have sung in numerous choral groups, and play several instruments – so, in 2014, I jumped at the opportunity to become involved with an organization that uses music as a tool to teach life and youth development skills that benefit local students, regardless of which college or career path they ultimately choose.

As Board Chair, Director, and Chairman of the Governance Committee, I am heavily involved in the long-term strategic, development and organizational activities of Project 440. My multi-faceted role with Project 440 provides a unique opportunity to blend my love of music, legal skills and commitment to community service into one highly rewarding experience.



I will continue serving as a Judge Pro Tempore (“JPT”) for the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas as I have done since 2008. In this role, I help ease the burden on the court’s docket by reviewing case files and conducting mandatory settlement conferences with litigants at the close of discovery in their cases. JPTs are recruited from among the most experienced members of the trial bar. I enjoy assisting the court and my professional colleagues by using my skills and insights to help the parties resolve their disputes before trial.

I also look forward this year to performing pro bono work for southern New Jersey residents through the Volunteers of America/UrbanPromise Legal Clinic. This new and expanding clinic is bringing pro bono legal representation to a vastly underserved population. In addition, I will continue to assist the Senior Law Center in Philadelphia to serve the legal needs of seniors in the greater Philadelphia area.


I am president-elect of the Board of the Homeless Advocacy Project (“HAP”), a legal aid organization that serves thousands of individuals and families experiencing homelessness and advocates for the rights of Philadelphians living in poverty.

In addition to my leadership on the HAP Board, I also volunteer directly to represent HAP clients in a variety of legal matters. In recent years, I’ve helped dozens of clients access Social Security benefits, obtain identification, and satisfy outstanding judgments. In one recent matter, I represented a homeless veteran in a successful appeal of a decision of the Department of Veterans Affairs denying him an increase of disability benefits.




Writ of Habeas Corpus and Prison Release After 20 Years

On April 16, 2020, John’s client took his first free steps out of incarceration in 20 years, 11 months, and 16 days, after obtaining the rare relief of a writ of habeas corpus and the vacation of a state court conviction and sentence. John was lead counsel in the proceedings before both the U.S. District for the District of New Jersey and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit.

The District Court proceedings included an evidentiary hearing, and in the opinion granting relief, the Court specifically “thank[ed]” John and his team for their “able and vigorous advocacy,” their “thorough efforts and distinguished advocacy,” and for “play[ing] an integral part in ensuring that justice is fairly meted based on the merits of the arguments rather than the resources of the litigants.” [Disclaimer: this comment does not constitute a judicial endorsement of legal skills or ability.]

The Third Circuit affirmed the grant of habeas relief on April 8, 2020.

[To the left, John is pictured with his client and co-counsel Jason Levine of Hangley Aronchick.]

Pro Bono

The Philadelphia Bar Foundation’s Pro Bono Attorney of the Year

In 2016, Tad received the Philadelphia Bar Foundation’s prestigious Pro Bono Attorney of the Year award in recognition of his “outstanding volunteer efforts in providing legal services to those in need” and his “commitment to the development of pro bono legal services in the region.”

Senior Law Award

The Senior Law Center

In 2016, Peter was honored with a special award by the Senior Law Center, which has its headquarters in Philadelphia but provides pro bono legal services for senior citizens throughout the greater Philadelphia area, for his “exceptional commitment” to helping seniors citizen in need. Peter served on the Board of Directors of the Center for several years and since stepping down has continued to assist them through his time and fundraising efforts.

Learn more about the Center here:


Homeless Advocacy Project

Jon has served for many years on the Board of the Homeless Advocacy Project, which provides legal aid to thousands of individuals and families experiencing homelessness in Philadelphia, and has been elected Board President starting January 2022.

Learn more about the Homeless Advocacy Project here:

Marriage Rights For Same Sex Couples

Marriage Rights for Same-Sex Couples

John was one of the leaders for the litigation team—along with others from his prior firm and the ACLU—that obtained the landmark ruling striking down Pennsylvania’s ban on marriage for same-sex couples in Whitewood v. Wolf in 2014. One year later, the Supreme Court of the United States finally held that no state could discriminate against same-sex couples by refusing them the right to marry.

Equal Justice Award

Two-Time Winner of The Equal Justice Award

In 2004 and 2016, Tad received The Equal Justice Award from Community Legal Services of Philadelphia in recognition of his outstanding commitment to providing pro bono legal representation in important matters that benefit the community at large.

White Hat Award

White Hat Award from the Legal Clinic for the Disabled

In 2003, Peter was honored with the inaugural “White Hat Award” for his “outstanding advocacy on behalf of people with disabilities.” Peter was a pro bono volunteer for the Clinic, and among other things, Peter worked tirelessly on behalf of a local client who was being involuntarily confined both physically and legally due to certain disabilities. Peter interviewed witnesses, collected facts, filed motions resulting in a hearing, and ultimately persuaded the overseeing court to remove and replace a certain guardian and return civil liberties to his client.

Learn more about the Clinic here: 


Veterans Affairs Appeal

Jon successfully represented a homeless former Marine in his appeal of a Department of Veterans Affairs’ determination that his disabling anxiety and depression were not connected to his time in the Marines and, therefore, not something for which he was entitled to veterans disability benefits. After a hearing, the Department reversed itself, and the client was granted a substantial increase in benefits.


Representing Abused and Neglected Children

Since 2006, John has represented 15 abused and neglect children as volunteer counsel with the Support Center for Child Advocates.
In 2017, the Support Center named John a “Distinguished Advocate,” for his longstanding and dedicated work.

Learn more about the Support Center for Child Advocates here:


First Amendment Rights

Since 2018, John, along with the ACLU, has represented The Center for Investigative Reporting in its First Amendment challenge to SEPTA’s advertising restrictions. A federal bench trial, during which John served as lead counsel, resulted in the partial invalidation of the advertising restrictions. The matter remains pending on appeal before the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit.

In addition to co-counseling with the ACLU on various litigations, John also serves on the ACLU of Pennsylvania Legal Advisory Board.

Learn more about the ACLU of Pennsylvania here:

Learn more about Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting here:


Prisoner Civil Rights

Through the Eastern District of Pennsylvania’s Prisoner Civil Rights Panel, Jon represented a former inmate of a local jail who was assaulted after he was put on a gang hit list but left unprotected by the guards. After the matter resolved, the client sent a grateful letter, saying, “Even when you knew I did not have the money to pay for your representation you still did everything you could and sadly I never had an attorney who did his job as well as you […] with what you got for me I will be able to leave prison with a way of getting myself together to start a better life.”

My 15 Year Pro Bono

“My 15-Year Pro Bono Matter” in The Philadelphia Lawyer

Tad authored an article entitled “My 15-Year Pro Bono Matter: How A Single Case Can Become the Endeavor of a Lifetime” published in The Philadelphia Lawyer recounting his lengthy involvement in a pro bono matter challenging the employment-prohibiting provisions of The Older Adults Protective Services Act.


Asylum for Political Refugee

John successfully obtained asylum for a Colombian national before the Board of Immigration Appeals, obtaining the rare reversal of an Immigration Judge’s prior denial of an asylum application. John’s client fled Colombia due to political persecution at the hands of a violent guerrilla group, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (known as FARC). The FARC kidnapped and abused the client prior to his escape to the United States. Although the United States government vigorously opposed the application, John, serving as both trial and appellate counsel, was able to succeed before the Board of Immigration Appeals.

Acquittal In Criminal Defense Trial

Acquittal in Criminal Defense Trial

In 2017, Peter volunteered to represent an indigent client accused of offenses that could have resulted in jail time of several months. The client insisted he was being wrongly accused and refused to accept the prosecution’s plea offer. The client was exonerated and found not guilty after a bench trial in Burlington County, New Jersey.


Project 440

Tad is the Chairman of the Board of Directors for Project 440, Inc. (, a Philadelphia-based non-profit organization that provides youth development, college and career readiness, and entrepreneurial programs to students in the Philadelphia School District and the surrounding areas. In addition to his role as Board Chair, Tad chairs the Project 440’s Governance Committee and is heavily involved in the long term strategic and development activities of the organization.

Learn more about Project 440:

Volunteer UP

Volunteers of America/UrbanPromise Legal Clinic

John serves as a board member on the VOA-UP Legal Clinic Advisory Board. The Volunteer UP Legal Clinic is an initiative by Volunteers of America Delaware Valley and UrbanPromise of Camden to provide much-needed legal assistance to economically disadvantaged clients in the region.

Learn more about the Clinic here:

Choral Arts Of Southern New Jersey

Choral Arts of Southern New Jersey

In addition to performing with Choral Arts of Southern New Jersey, Tad previously acted as Vice-President and Trustee of the 501(c)(3) organization.

Public School Teacher

Public School Teacher

In a matter of significant public attention in southern New Jersey, John represented a public school teacher denied tenure. John led a high-profile appeal of that decision before the school district board that saw hundreds of students and parents rally in support of the teacher.

Phildelphia Vip

Philadelphia VIP

Tad has handled several cases in conjunction with Philadelphia VIP, a non-profit that provides free legal representation for needy individuals who face legal challenges threatening their basic human needs of housing, family, and income.

To learn more about Philadelphia VIP:

Economic Consequences Of Inefficient Tax Rates

Economic Consequences of Inefficient Tax Rates

Tad prepared and filed an amicus brief on behalf of a group of economics professors from Harvard University, University of Pennsylvania, UCLA and other institutions that addressed the economic consequences of a local property tax system applying differing effective tax rates within the same jurisdiction.

Healing Justice Arts

Healing Justice Project

In April 2020, John prepared and filed an amicus brief on behalf of Healing Justice Project, a national nonprofit organization that serves individuals who have experienced trauma and inequity in the justice system due to a wrongful conviction. Through restorative justice and justice reform, Healing Justice provides post-trial support and recovery to crime victims, survivors, and their families in cases involving post-conviction claims of innocence and exonerations.

Learn more about Healing Justice Project here: